InVision 2.4.0 Released

With version 2.4, we’re introducting version 0.1 of the new InVision Desktop Designer that lets you develop Web Functions and customize the Home Page Layout without editing the deployed .cshtml-file. We will gradually port (and improve) every feature from the SL designer to the new desktop designer, but for the time being, you’ll have to use both tools to develop InVision solutions.  All significant new platform features will be added to the desktop designer, while the SL designer will only be getting minor enhancements and bug fixes.

NOTE! If you are upgrading to 2.4 from a previous version, you need to update Profitbase Installation Manager to the latest version ( first.

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Profitbase Installation Manager v1.3.1.0

A new version of the Profitbase Installation Manager has been released.

Noteable changes:
– Support for InVision 2.4
– Fixed bug that caused a crash when uninstalling and then reinstalling InVision again, then selecting status.
– Better logging behind the scenes.

Anyone whos online should see a message box show up about updating to the latest version. Anyone whos offline needs to grab the new version from pbsndfile.

Please note that you NEVER uninstall Profitbase Installation Manager when updating to a newer version.