InVision 2.3.0 Released

A new release of InVision is ready, and it contains some new very useful features and enhancements. Check them out below.

The most powerful new feature added this time is probably the ability to easily embed custom JavaScript computation libraries that can be used in spreadsheet formulas, where each spreadsheet gets its own compute instance. This enables you to write very advanced calculations for spreadsheets.

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Profitbase Installation Manager v1.3

Notable changes:

  • Self-update – If you’re connected to the internet the installer will prompt you to install the latest version if there is a newer version available.
  • Offline support – There is now an option to install while on an offline server. However, you should always make sure that you’re running the latest version before installing or upgrading to a new version of Profitbase InVision.


InVision 2.2.2 Released!

“From all of us, to all of you, a merrInVision christmas!” The December release is here with some new features and improvements. Some key features this time is Export to Excel, improved rendering of filters based on jagged dimensions, and that new members can be added to Workflow State Context Objects during a Workflow without requiring a restart.

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InVision 2.2.1 Released

Another week, another release! 2.2.1 contains a few new cool and highly requested features, namely Template Columns for Worksheets and Reports, and the support for specifying both a Display Member and Value Member in spreadsheet Drop Down columns. 2.2.1 also contains a few very important bug fixes, which is described at the end of this post.

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InVision 2.2.0 Released

InVision 2.2.0 is ready for use and contains both new features, enhancements and bug fixes to earlier version. If you plan to upgrade an existing InVision solution, it is important that you upgrade the Profitbase Installation Manager first.

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InVision 2.1.1 Released

2.1.1 is a minor release which contains a few, but important new features and bug fixes. It is highly recommended that you upgrade any 2.1 instances to 2.1.1.

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Profitbase Installation Manager

With the release of InVision 2.1 the first version of Profitbase Installation Manager is released. The plan for the Installation Manager is that it will serve as the platform from where you install all our software, InVision, InFront and Studio.

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InVision 2.1 Released

The main focus for this release has been about adding a more flexible authentication model by supporting OpenID Connect and Azure Active Directory in addition to the existing Windows authentication option. This enables us to support most modern authentication options, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Azure AD and custom user name / password solutions.
We have also improved Users + Permission Management to make it faster and easier to work with, and additionally, added many new capabilities and features to the platform to increase developer productivity and end user experience.

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Downloading InVision from the command prompt or Powershell

You can now download the InVision software directly from the command line or Powershell using tools such as curl or wget. In many cases, this is much more effective than going to the download site, or copying files manually through mulitple Remote Deskop sessions.

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Profitbase InVision 2.0.1 released!

Version 2.0.1 contains some new important features to support the upcoming FRS, improvements to existing functionality and bug fixes for 2.0.0. In order to deploy the Finance Reference Solution (FRS), you need 2.0.1 installed.

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