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How to post from MS Office Word 2007

Simple guide that will show you how to setup MS Office Word 2007 so that you can make blog posts from it.
  • Login to the administration site for your blog.
    • Go to Settings -> Writing.
    • Enable:
      • Atom Publishing Protocol
      • XML-RPC
    • Click save.
  • Click on the Office button -> Publish -> Blog.
  • If the following dialog box appears choose Register Later.

  • Click Manage Accounts

  • New

  • Choose WordPress as the blog provider, Next.

  • Fill in the fields like this

    • Substitute yourBlog with the address to your blog
    • Substitute admin for your username
  • When you’ve finished writing your post click Publish.

  • Save a copy to your local hard drive in case you need to edit the post.
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