Trobleshooting Profitbase Server startup failure

When the Profitbase Server fails to start, there are a few simple steps to follow in order to resolve or narrow down the issue.

  1. Open the event viewer and look in the Application and Profitbase event logs. A clue to what the problem can nearly always be found there.
    The event log will almost certainly list one of the following reasons for the pb server not starting:

    a) The user account that the windows service is running under does not have permissions to log on to the SQL Server / database it is set up to connect to. When the PB Server is installed, it will automatically use Local System Account, which may not always have the required premissions. To change the user account the service is running under, right click the service and select -> Properties -> Log On.
    To view or edit which SQL Server instance the pb server is connected to, open the PBMSServer.exe.config in the server install folder.

    b) You may see an error message stating something similar to “Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted”.
    This is usually caused by the fact that there are other Profitbase Servers running on the same machine.
    If the port number is in the 4000-range (usually 4028), you can edit PBMSServer.exe.config and change the TCPPort setting value to for example 4029.
    If the port number is in the 8700-range (usually 8700), you can edit the CommandShellServices.exe.config-file and change the port numbers in the URI’s to for example 8701.If there are no other PB Servers running on the same machine, changing the ports may still help since they may be in use by other programs.

  2. When you attempt to start the service, you may get an error message stating that the service failed to start due to a timeout. This typically happens on machines where there’s no internet connection. This is caused by a security mechanism in the .NET Framework, but it can be resolved by using the workaround described in this profitbase forum post or at Microsoft