Welcome to the InVision team blog


Welcome to the InVision team blog at Profitbase!

This is where we will be posting news and announcements about Profitbase InVision, such as new releases and pre-releases, technical articles, feature highlights, how-to guides and product plans.

So what is Profitbase InVision?
Profitbase InVision is a platform for building business applications and running business processes. Applications are built using the Profitbase InVision Designer and published to the organization as web applications requiring little or no training to use.

Prebuilt business components can be downloaded and installed within minutes and then customized to meet the exact needs of the customer. Other business systems can easily integrate with Profitbase InVision through a RESTful Web API, or by connecting directly to the SQL data storage.

Profitbase InVision can be extended by building custom business and user interface components using the Profitbase InVision Designer and other development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming Beta 1 of Profitbase InVision 2.0!

– The InVision team