InVision 2.4.1 Released

This is mostly a service release with enhancements to existing features and fixes for a number of issues. We’re focusing most of our time and resources on the new desktop designer, but we’ll continue to provide regular releases to fix important issues and add highly requested features.


  • Added support for specifying the ordering of Filter items of hierarchical filters (based on dimensions).
    • Default – Uses the attribute sort type to determine whether to sort by Key or Name.
    • OrderById – Order by dimension attribute key
    • OrderByDescription – Orders by dimension attribute display value (takes the selected language into account)
    • None – no ordering
  • Support for specifying the response content disposition for DbApi calls so that you can instruct the browser to automatically open files instead of downloading them. In order to do this, you must specify the contentdisposition in the query string of the DbApi request, for example api/db/blob/objects/myObj?contentdisposition=inline Added support for dynamically changing the text of (Workbook) Buttons using the Button ExecuteExpression action.
  • Extended DbApi for file upload to return a response containing the generated ResourceID and the name of the uploaded file.The response object is available in the CompletedEvent handler through the @Event.Data variable.
    For example, @Event.Data.ResourceID will return the ResourceID generated by the server. See the docs for further details.
  • Added support for removing Header config from WebFunction test setup (Desktop Designer)
  • Fixed an issue with SYS variables not being properly set in Workbooks
  • Added support for touch event (tablet browser mode) to spreadsheet ActionLink cells
  • Fixed issue with rendering of numeric cells when the provided value is NaN (not a number)
  • Fixed issue that caused File Upload component to ignore the custom css property
  • Fixed issue with File Upload component in IE 11 that caused the file upload action to trigger twice, failing the second time.
  • Fixed issue with Eaze StatementParser that caused semicolon in escaped string literal to be interpreted as a statement terminator
  • Fixed issue with deleting WebFunctions (Desktop Designer)
  • Fixed issue with Template Columns. The data type was always string. Like with Unbound Columns, you can now specify the data type.
  • “ORDER BY” is automatically preprended to the Order By Clause expression of Flat filters if the expression not already contains it.
  • Fixed an issue with IE and Edge that caused a Workbook to open twice when clicking the text of the tile on the landing page.


  1. Download and install the latest version of Profitbase Installation Manager if you’re not already running version or higher.
  2. Run Profitbase Installation Manager and install a new instance of InVision, or select an existing instance to upgrade.

– The Cloud and Applications Team