Profitbase InVision 2023.2 released!

This is a minor release with a few improvements to the Package upgrade experience.

Package upgrade

  • Before a Package upgrade is allowed to continue, we now validate that all Views in target Solutions have valid configurations. If any View definitions are invalid, the Package upgrade is aborted immediately.
  • After a Package has been upgraded, the access control list is automatically applied. This ensures that new Workbooks are available to users without manual steps.
  • We will prevent users from starting a Package upgrade if any Dataflows are running in the target Solutions.
  • All scheduled Dataflows in target Solutions are automatically suspended while a Package is upgrading.


Display Status bar for Worksheets, Tables and SQL Reports
Worksheets, Tables and SQL Table Reports can now display a status bar at the bottom of the spreadsheet that displays the Sum, Count and Average of selected cells in the sheets. To turn this on, enable the “Display Status Bar” property for individual Worksheets, Tables and SQL Reports in the Designer.

When enabled, the status bar will display the sum, count and average of the selected cells. To copy a value to clipboard, simply click on it.