Custom report menu links

As of build 2762 of InFront 3.2 we support creating custom links behind the gear icon on every report. The functionality is configured by entering an anchor tag <a ….. />,  or a plugin name  e.g. <mycustomlink>, on the report property called “Menu custom HTML or plugins”.

Example : The following value :

<a href=””>Profitbase link</a>

Will result in a report menu looking like the following:

In the bottom of the report menu we now have a new link that on click will open a new tab in your web browser leading to the web site.

If more advanced functionality is needed including dynamic content and translation, a plugin must be defined configured into the given property

Plugin development – The PluginService

In the InFront designer we can now find a screen called «Plugins» that can be used to create custom user interfaces with HTML and JavaScript. These custom user interfaces, also referred to as plugins, can then be used together with one or multiple reports.

To help the plugin developers we made a plugin service (PluginService) that have functions and properties that works as an interface towards the InFront internal libraries/code. This service should be used for all interaction towards the InFront functionality (like getting data, getting filter metadata, getting filter values/states, reloading etc). This document describes the content of the plugin service.


InFront is an HTML5 web application built using AngularJS and an InFront plugin is conceptually an AngularJS directive. Developing InFront plugins will therefore require some knowledge about both web technologies in general and about AngularJS and on how Angular directives work.

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