August 2016 archive

InVision 2.1.1 Released

2.1.1 is a minor release which contains a few, but important new features and bug fixes. It is highly recommended that you upgrade any 2.1 instances to 2.1.1.

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Profitbase Installation Manager

With the release of InVision 2.1 the first version of Profitbase Installation Manager is released. The plan for the Installation Manager is that it will serve as the platform from where you install all our software, InVision, InFront and Studio. In order to install a new version of Profitbase InVision you will first need to install

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InVision 2.1 Released

The main focus for this release has been about adding a more flexible authentication model by supporting OpenID Connect and Azure Active Directory in addition to the existing Windows authentication option. This enables us to support most modern authentication options, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Azure AD and custom user name / password solutions. We have also improved …

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