Extracting MSI files from the installer .exe

Profitbase software is normally installed by running an installer .exe-file. The .exe-files act as bootstrappers for reading the content of the .MSI-file, checking if the required version of the Windows Installer is installed on the system, and then launches the .MSI that takes care of the actual installation of the product.

If for example you want to install the product using Group Policy deployment, you need to extract the .MSI from the .EXE. A way to do this is using the UniversalExtractor tool. This tool extracts the .MSI-file (along with other files as well) from the .EXE-file to a folder of your choice.
Once the .MSI-file is extracted, you can run it directly or use the Windows Installer tool (MSIEXEC.exe) from the command prompt to do additional actions. To get a list of your options with the Windows Installer tool, simply open a command prompt and type “MSIEXEC”