Downloading InVision from the command prompt or Powershell

You can now download the InVision software directly from the command line or Powershell using tools such as curl or wget. In many cases, this is much more effective than going to the download site, or copying files manually through mulitple Remote Deskop sessions.

The latest stable version of InVision can always be downloaded from

To get a specific version, for example 2.0.1, use

The downloaded file will be a .zip-file containing installers for the InVision software and all business module libraries, such as the Finance Simulation and Loan Portfolio Manager.

Example using Powershell and wget. Note that when using wget, you need to provide the name of the output file.

wget "" -OutFile ProfitbaseInvision.Zip

Example using curl from the command line

curl -O -J

– The InVision Team