Profitbase Installation Manager

With the release of InVision 2.1 the first version of Profitbase Installation Manager is released. The plan for the Installation Manager is that it will serve as the platform from where you install all our software, InVision, InFront and Studio.

In order to install a new version of Profitbase InVision you will first need to install the Installation Manager. This is a simple Next -> Next -> Next install. It will only ask you where it should be installed. Please note that all instances will be installed within this directory.

Once the installation manager is installed, start the Installation Manager. There should be a shortcut on your start menu.

Installing a new instance of Profitbase InVision with the Finance engine:

  • Start the Installation Manager
  • Choose Latest and click Download and install
  • You will then be asked to provide an instance name, which website it should be installed under, the database server and which service user should be used.
    • It is possible to change additional settings by clicking on Advanced settings.
  • Once you’ve provided the required settings click Validate input.
    • A powershell script will then be executed attempting to validate that the installation should be successfull.
  • When the settings has been validated click Install.
    • The settings you have provided will be saved for use when installing the next instance, you will only need to change the instance name in order to install a new instance.
  • After the install has completed, go to the Installed instances tab and select the instance you just installed. In order to install the Finance engine please click the Add engine button. Select which engine to install and which version.

Please note that the current version of the Installation Manager requires an internet connection. This will be addressed in a later version.