InVision 2.6 Released

Hello world! The focus for version 2.6 has been about improving filtering capabilities and adding support Form Schemas, which provides a new way to build complex data entry forms.

Form Schemas enable you to quickly create complex data entry forms. While it is possible to create forms in previous versions of InVision, it is inflexible and too time consuming because each Form Element is an isolated entity with its own load, save and validation logic. With Form Schemas, you can create complex forms with automatic data persistence, validation, custom calculations and business logic, styling and layout. Form Schemas are displayed in Workbooks, and have actions and events like all other Workbook component.

NEW features

  • Form Schema is a new major feature that enables you to quickly create complex data entry forms with data persistence, validation, custom calculations and business logic, styling and so on. A Form Schema can be bound to one or more database tables, and you can even connect to database tables outside InVision. Form Schemas are displayed in Workbooks, and have actions and events, just like any other Workbook component.
  • Spreadsheet filter row
    Worksheets and Sql Table Reports can now be configured to provide a filter row at the top of the spreadsheet. This enables the user to filter the contents without having to use the filter menu.
  • Filter toggling
    You can now toggle between filters in vertically aligned Filter Groups by setting the Item Display Mode

    • Default = All filters are displayed at the same time, stacked vertically.
    • Toggle = Only a single filter within a group is displayed at a time. The user can toggle which filter is visible by clicking a filter selector – kind of like the Outlook bar.
  • Max height for the selected items area
    Tree View filters now have an option for setting the max height for the area displaying the selected items. This feature is useful when you want to constrain the space used by the selected items list while multi select is enabled.
  • Checkbox List filter
    The name speaks for itself – displays a list of items that can be selected. The default behavior is to allow multi select.
  • The user can control raising the Selection Changed event
    Checkbox List Filter and Tree View Filter supports toggling Auto Raise Selection Changed events, which lets the user manually raise the selection changed event (useful for multi select filters). In addition, the Selection Changed Debounce Delay (in milliseconds), enables setting a delay for raising the selection changed event after when the user changes a filter.
  • Toggle selected items in TreeView Popup filter
    The selected value(s) in a TreeView Popup Filter can now be toggled on and off directly from the item picker, which means you don’t have to click the “chip” representing a selected value to deselect it.
  • File Upload dynamic styling and text
    The File Upload component now supports

    • Enable and Disable action + EnableIf(…) to conditionally disable and enable the control from the ExecuteExpression action
    • Calling AddCss(…), RemoveCss(…) and ToggleCss(…) in the ExecuteExpression action to dynamically change the style of the control
    • Calling SetText(….) and SetTextIf(…) in the ExecuteExpression action to dynamically change the text of the control
  • Custom Rows expressions can access Workbook variables
    Custom Row expressions in spreadsheets now have access to Workbook variables through the AppVariable reference.

FIXED Issues

  • Fixed issue with spreadsheets that prevented the user from copying more than 1000 rows to the clipboard
  • Fixed issue with rendering of filters when access control was turned off, when expanding an “All Level” node.
  • Fixed issue with loading Workbooks when there was very heavy load on the web server

As always, use the Installation Manager to install or upgrade to 2.6.


– The Cloud and Applications Team