Xml namespace simplified in Silverlight 4.0

A feature added to Silverlight 4 that has not received much attention is the introduced support for the XmlnsDefinition and XmlnsPrefix attributes in custom assemblies. These attributes has been supported in WPF since day one, and has finally made their way into Silverlight as well.
The XmlnsDefinitionAttribute is used for mapping one or more CLR […]

Object-To-Object Binding / ViewModel-To-ViewModel Binding

There may be times when you need to pass data back and forth between ViewModels in a loosly coupled way, without having to handle this in your ViewModels or code behind. Consider a parent-child ViewModel scenario, where your parent ViewModel may contain data resulting in the creation of multiple child ViewModels, for example the case […]

Using Bindings in Styles in Silverlight

One of the differences between WPF and Silverlight is that using Bindings when setting properties in styles is still not supported (SL 4). If you try to do so, your application will simply crash. In WPF, you can do something like this;
<Style TargetType="{x:Type ListBoxItem}">
<Setter Property="Background" […]