Profitbase InVision 2022.3 released!

2022.3 brings many new features and enhancements to our low-code platform. A major addition is the ability to define extensions for Packages. This enables Profitbase and partners to develop and distribute add-ons to products. You can also upgrade Packages in multiple Solutions in one go, making it much quicker to upgrade customers to new version of Planner, Risk and Consolidation.

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Profitbase InVision 2022.2 released!

This release of InVision mainly focuses on improvements to deploying and upgrading packages, and improvements to working with dimensions. It also contains a number of other fixes and improvements to existing features.

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Profitbase InVision 5.0 released!

We’re happy to announce that InVision 5.0 is finally released! The star of the v5.0 show is the Work Process and Versioning feature, which makes it very easy to work with multiple version of different work processes such as forecasting, budgeting or any type of planning process.

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Profitbase InVision 4 Released!

We’re happy to announce the release of Profitbase InVision 4.0!For InVision 4.0 we’ve made a significant effort in moving from .NET Framework to .NET Core on the backend, and from AngularJS to React on the frontend.  We made these changes in order to ensure that we can continue to innovative and deliver the best possible … Read more

Profitbase InVision 3.0 Released!

After a long wait, we’re happy to announce the release of InVision 3.0! As you can see below, we’ve been busy adding new features to the platform and improving what’s already there. Creating the new Designer has been a major effort, but the new platform opens up new possibilities that we plan to take full advantage of in the future. Please read the entire blog post to discover the new and enhanced capabilities of the platform, and make sure to read the upgrade instructions carefully. Hope you like what we’ve done!

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Profitbase InVision Access Control

Profitbase InVision Access Control is a module that provides a workbook for managing user mapping to roles with access to solution items and data items. 1        Functions, limitations and recommendations The concept for access control in Profitbase Invision are based on roles: Roles can be solution or data roles with access to solution items and … Read more