Custom caption

With the introduction of InFront 3.2 we have made it possible to override the column and row header caption. On the row and column axis in the report designer there is a new property field “Custom caption” where you are able to write a c# method that will be executed for each column/row on the axis.

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Card Mode – divide, conquer and integrate

InFront Card mode enables integration of InFront into a different webpage/system. The ‘mode’ is enabled by adding “home/card/” to the base url.


When using this mode, all surrounding elements to the data will be removed. This means, no menu, no bookmarks, no filter selections, no header section, no bottom section. The only part that is left is either a dashboard with its content or a report with its content.

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Using URL parameters to set filters and control navigation

Profitbase InFront supports a given URL format to control both initial filter states and the initial startup report/dashboard. Startup control When accessing InFront by using the base address http://myserver/InFront a lookup function will run that finds the report/dashboard matching the properties set on the first InFront role you belong to, and load (route to) this. The … Read more