Profitbase InVision 2.0 Released!

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce the release of Profitbase InVision 2.0! The primary focus for 2.0 has been porting the End User Client from Silverlight to HTML5. We’ve also added many new features to the platform and enhanced existing functionality.

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InVision 2.0 Beta 3

With Beta 3, the primary focus has been on adding support for charting using Highcharts. There are still some work left to be done before this feature is 100% complete, but it’s pretty stable and you should be able to create great looking charts.

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Guidelines and tooling for the InVision Solution Development Cycle

You’ll probably need to make changes to, or continue developing InVision solutions after they have been published to production. Today, we’ll present a simple best practice pattern or guideline for continued development of InVision solutions, and the new InVision Data Migration Tool (InVision DMT for short) which helps you in this process.

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InVision 2.0 Beta 2

InVision 2.0 Beta 2 is ready for download! Because x-mas got in our way, it took more than the promised 2 weeks between Beta 1 and Beta 2, but now it’s here. Our primary focus for Beta 2 has been fixing the bugs in Beta 1, adding support for table reports and a few new features that will make Workbook … Read more

InVision 2.0 Beta 1

We are happy to announce InVision 2.0 Beta 1! With InVision 2.0 Beta 1, we have moved the end user client away from Silverlight and over to HTML5, making it true cross platform. The InVision Designer and Server is primarily unchanged, except for a few changes required for building HTML5 applications instead of Silverlight applications, some additional new features … Read more

Welcome to the InVision team blog

Hi, Welcome to the InVision team blog at Profitbase! This is where we will be posting news and announcements about Profitbase InVision, such as new releases and pre-releases, technical articles, feature highlights, how-to guides and product plans. So what is Profitbase InVision? Profitbase InVision is a platform for building business applications and running business processes. … Read more