Activity Start Interval in the Parallel Activity

A Data Flow Parallel Activity has a setting called “Activity Start Interval”. Activity Start Interval specifies the time in seconds elapsed between the start of each activity. For example, if the value is 0.2, the activities will start at a 0.2 seconds interval. The reason you’d want to use this setting is that on some […]

WCF Routing Service and custom filters

WCF 4 now has a built-in way for routing WCF service calls, the System.ServiceModel.Routing.RoutingService, found in System.ServiceModel.Routing.dll. There are several reasons you may want to use routing, for example exposing just a single endpoint even though you have several services or routing messages throught multiple routers within a system. The routing is done […]

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Getting a security error when importing or exporting templates

You may get the following error message when importing or exporting templates to the Profitbase Template Store.

“An error occurred when verifying the security for the message”
or a message similar to this
“The security timestamp is invalid because its creation time (‘8/262008 1:45:51 PM’) is in the future”
If you get this error message, please make sure that your Date and […]

Setting the Run As property to SQL Authentication gives “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error message

When setting the Run As property to SQL Authentication, you may get the following error message when you click the User Name text box: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. 
This is caused by a bug in .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1), but is reported to be fixed in .NET 4.0.
To work around the issue, you […]

Trobleshooting Profitbase Server startup failure

When the Profitbase Server fails to start, there are a few simple steps to follow in order to resolve or narrow down the issue.

Open the event viewer and look in the Application and Profitbase event logs. A clue to what the problem can nearly always be found there.
The event log will almost certainly list one of […]